Field-identical measurement of precipitation as well as determination of true evapotranspiration and leachate rate

The Hydro-Lysimeter with service well

The Hydro-Lysimeter with service well

The Hydro-Lysimeter supplies you with the most important water balance parameters with precision and reliability.

Installation of the Hydro-Lysimeter

Installation of the Hydro-Lysimeter

Rime and dew can also be dominant, and are measurable with the Hydro-Lysimeter

Rime and dew can also be dominant, and are measurable with the Hydro-Lysimeter

Substantial data for professional water management, long-term monitoring and assured projections

Is your task to calibrate and evaluate water balance models with real data? Then you need precise data about precipitation, precipitation intensity, evapotranspiration and leachate. The Hydro-Lysimeter offers them as continuously measured data.
If you are a water supplier, a state or federal institution, involved
in water management or a hydrographic service you receive sub­stantial information for decision-making, monitoring or projections.

Advantages of the UMS system solution

The key benefits of the Hydro-Lysimeter are:
1. You receive highly resolved and precise data about pre­ci­pitation and evapotranspiration on the site, measured directly on the soil surface. Mass change measured with an accuracy of 100 grams (0.1 mm precipitation) and a resolution of 10 grams
(0.01 mm). Leachate measured with an accuracy of 10 grams and a resolution of 1 gram.
2. Measure fractions of precipitation from dew and rime. De­pending on the location these can cumulate to up to 100 mm
in a year’s water balance.
3. Calibrate water balance models against true mesoclimatic conditions. Measure field-identical evapotranspiration, the real-
time evapotranspiration on the surface under true climate and water conditions.
4. The amount and composition of leachate is gained under field-identical conditions for determination of the groundwater recharge rate in real time with high resolution.
5. Precipitation is measured directly on the soil surface con­sidering real wind conditions, soil moisture and vegetation. Due to the relatively large surface of 1 square meter you get the best possible precipitation data.
6. UMS Lysimeters supply information about the true water conversion processes taking place on the surface down to a selectable soil depth.

Other advantages

  • Field-identical water regime;
  • Field-identical temperature regime in the Lysimeter;
  • Connection to Ethernet, remote control by GSM or GPRS;
  • An optional tool for snow measurement automatically offersadditional information about the water equivalent of snow;
  • Standard Lysimeter height is 1.5 meters. If required a heightof up to 2 meters is available.
  • The evapotranspiration determination is done by weightmeasurement, not by evapotranspiration models.

Content of supply:

  • UMS Lysimeter cylinder with silicon carbide porous cups rake
  • Precision weighing system
  • 2 pcs. T8 Tensiometers for regulation and supervision
  • Weighable 60 l leachate tank with controlled partialemptying to 40 l
  • Enclosure MBR-1 with data logger DT80, reverse flow peristaltic pump and power supply unit
  • Lysimeter concrete well shaft
  • Service well shaft (Ø 2.35 m; height 2.3 m)
  • Float switch pump with drainage system

Technical Information


1 m2

Soil column depth

1,5 m

Outer diameter

1,65 m

Total height

1,85 m

Water flux resolution

0,01 mm/10 g

Silicon carbide porous cups rake

5100 cm2


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